lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Helena Hörstedt

Helena Hörstedt is a Swedish design label // Helena Hörstedt es una diseñadora de Suiza.

What she say about her work:
"I think the genuine work and the handcrafted feeling gives an irreplaceable value to the garment. The trade of handcrafting is always one of the most important sources for both construction of and inspiration for my design.
I want my garment to be a fascinating visual experience as much as a usable. I want them to build a desire, continuously expand and to surprise the beholder."

Collection: Broken Shadow

Photo: Peter Farago
Hair: Erika Svedjevik/Link
Make up: Sara Denman/Mikas
Model: Sara B/MIkas
Retouch: Jenny Stigsdotter/La Machine
Styling: Ingela Klemetz-Farago

Collection: The Black Hole
Photo: Peter Farago/Cameralink
Hair: Peter Andersson/Mikas
Make up: Sara Denman/Mikas
Model: Elsa S/Mikas
Styling: Ingela Klemetz

Studio: James & Perra Studio
Repro & Retouch: Linjepunkt

Collection: No 3

Photo: Mikael Schulz/Söderberg agentur
Hair: Erika Svedjevik/Mikas
Make up: Helen Borg/agent bauer
Model: Josefin R/Stockholmsgruppen

Delight Studios

Collection: No 2

Photo: Mikael Schulz/Söderberg Agentur
Hair/make up: Fredrik Stambro/Agent Bauer
Model: Ambra/Mikas

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