miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2009

Issey Miyake

Dai Fujiwara and team unveil initial calico prototypes for the clothing collection at the Issey Miyake desing headquarters.
this early desisings show explicitly how Dai and his team have explored every angle of the Dyson machine and begun to reinterpret them as outfits.

Alejandra Quesada

fotos: Ramiro Chaves

Eliza Stamps

When not drawing, Eliza Stamps works as a teaching artist. She is currently working with high school and middle school students in Manhattan and Queens. She teaches studio classes and integrates visual art into subject areas like ESL and English. She believes that the arts are an integral aspect of a young person's development and revels in the discoveries that her students make during the creative process.

Untamed Menagerie

Untamed Menagerie is a collection of the combined works of Penny and Nikki (mother and daughter). They are inspired by nature, vintage illustrations, and anatomy. They strive to create whimsical accessories that will bring a smile to your face.