viernes, 23 de enero de 2009

Andrea Crews

First brand of recycled clothing, Andrea Crews from day to day creates single and flexible clothing and accessories. A production which is freed from the traditional criterias which govern the market: calendar, profitability, seduction of the masses; a style which is asserted graphic, ludic and inconventional!
Founder and designer of
Andrea Crews, Maroussia Rebecq, thinks and transforms progressively their arrivals delivered in the workshop.
Each piece is treated one by one according to the potentiality of the clothe and the stylist desires. The results are indeed unforeseeable, strange, tempting and daring.
Dipping into several sources of inspirations, Andrea Crews uses fragments of a sub-culture counting comics, mystic rastafary frescos, fanzines, scribbles, cut-up porn, electro rhythms, punk flyers … GranPa trousers are transformed into mini overalls, a rotten T-shirt into a sexy docker, a baggy sweat into a night dress…

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Valentine dijo...

I first heard of Andrea Crews from another blogger.. and I thought that the idea behind her designs is just wonderful and its great to see someone recycle old garments into something fun and fresh! ;-)